PDF AutoSigner Pro Features

  • Manual or automated bulk PDF signing
  • Distinct folders created for un-signed and signed PDF documents
  • Sign any existing password protected PDF
  • Time stamping & long-term signature validity options
  • Choose visible and invisible PDF signing
  • Apply different password to each file from excel file on the fly. Create unique password combinations from Excel file
  • Create custom signing locations with scanned signature, picture, or logo addition
  • Signed PDF emailing with custom password protection
  • Send each signed file to different email address picked from Excel on the fly
  • Create signing profiles for, any number of frequently signed, PDF document types
  • Signing profiles can support multiple digital signatures on a single PDF
  • Use a digital signature on any crypto token, PFX file, computer store or any HSM
  • Set signed PDF document security, with protection against copy, annotation, print, comment etc.
  • Keep a copy of the original unsigned PDF
  • Generate unlimited self-signed digital signature certificates, from within the software, for non-legal use
  • Monitor signing activity through built-in log viewer
  • Free unlimited technical support

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You can install and configure this software in less than 15 minuets, provided you have all the necessary access and controls.
Our trial licenses are valid for 7 days.
Yes. Our software is compatible with all brands of token.
Generally our software works on the machine where you have installed it on. For multiple machines you need to buy separate licenses.
This software can be installed on any Windows machine having RAM capacity of 4 GB or more.