Digitally Sign Form-16

Issuance of Form16 with physical (ink) signatures is very time-consuming for Organizations that have a large number of employees To overcome this problem, the Income-tax Department by its circular No 2/2007 has allowed the Employers to use Digital Signature to sign Form16.

As per the Indian IT Act 2000, digital signature certificates are accepted at par with handwritten signatures. Any electronic document that has been digitally signed, is legally valid and is treated at par with the physically signed paper document. Therefore, Digitally Signed Form 16 has the same legal validity as a physically signed Form 16

PDF AutoSigner’s Digital Signed for Form-16

PDF Auto Signer is simple, easy-to-use desktop software for digitally signing all form 16’s in one go. This PDF signing solution helps the organization to digitally sign Form16 files with just a few clicks of Mouse. Adweb Technologies provides a user-friendly software – PDF AutoSigner, which provides facility to Sign Form 16 with Digital Signature, in bulk, in a very easy to configure and easy to use way.

How to sign Form-16 digitally

Select Your Form-16 Files
Select Your Form-16
Select Your Signature Profile
Select Your
Signature Profile
Run the Program
Run the
Your Form-16 PDF are Digitally Signed
Your Form-16 PDF are
Digitally Signed

 Advantages of signing Form-16 digitally:

  • Automatic Signing of Form-16 by a single click.
  • PDF Auto Signer helps in the signing of Bulk From-16.
  • Reduce the pressure of physically signing the forms.
  • Reduce manpower cost, as it does not require a manual interface. Can be operated by a single user.
  • The certificate is available in non-tamper able PDF Format.
  • Can generate over 5000 Form-16 per hour.