Sign Tenders Digitally

Now a day, Government is shifting the tender process online which means the Tender will have to be signed digitally using the software. This would eliminate the manual signing of tender and physically submission of it. As Government wants to make Tender process transparent, quick and tamper-free. All the companies and organization need to start using the digital signing of Tender.
A Digital Signing of Tender is essential for the companies and organizations (especially Govt. organizations/departments, PSUs, and even private companies) that take part or intend to take part in e-Tendering processes on various Government sites. Besides enabling e-Tendering which is extremely convenient and transparent, a digitally signed tender also ensures greater security in other online transactions.

PDF AutoSigner’s Digitally Signed Tenders

Digitally Signing of Tender is approved under the Information Technology Act, and with legal status, a Digital Signature is essential for all e-Procurement processes. Digitally tender Signing is the new digital transaction that eliminates paper and facilitates the more speedy exchange of information.
Using PDF Auto Signer to sign Tender digitally while applying for a government tender online has many advantages. Since documents are uploaded to a central site, acknowledgments and receipts are provided immediately. This is not the case with paper documents that need to be scanned and verified before being processed.

How to Use PDF AutoSigner to Sign Tenders

Select Your Tender Files
Select Your
Tender Files.
Select Your Select Your Signature Profile.
Select Your
Signature Profile.
Run the Program.
Run the
Your Tenders are Digitally Signed.
Your Tenders are
Digitally Signed.

Benefits of Signing Tender Digitally:

  • Digitally signed documents are valid in the court-of-law.
  • The bulk signing of multiple Tender in PDF Document at one go.
  • Automatic Bulk Signing of Tender, no manual intervention needed once configured.
  • The placement of the signature on tender can be customized as per the need.