DigiCert Document Signing Certificate

The most powerful tool after the pen, ensuring secure document validation with Adobe trusted signatures.

Document Signing Certificates

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Securely sign and send legally binding documents.

The DigiCert Document Signing Certificate is a powerful tool that allows you to securely sign and send legally binding documents. This certificate is ideal for a variety of purposes.

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Why Choose the Adobe Trusted DigiCert Document Signing Certificate?

Two-Factor Authentication

DigiCert Document Signing employs dual authentication to bolster security.

Adheres to Global Laws for Legal Validity

DigiCert Signing aligns with worldwide legal requirements, granting documents their legally binding status.

Global Trust from Renowned Companies

We ensure the integrity of documents for well-established entities such as IBM, HP, Facebook, Sony, Microsoft, and many others.

Timeless Validity

DigiCert's document signing generates a time stamped signature and a trail of audits, promptly notifying recipients of any alterations.

Endorsed by Adobe

The DigiCert Document Signing Certificate seamlessly integrates with leading software, including being featured on the Adobe Approved Trust List.

Immune to Forgery

Through DigiCert's Document Signing Certificate, signatures remain impervious to forgery as they undergo verification and authentication by DigiCert's trusted PKI.

Resistant to Tampering

Upon digitally signing a document with this certificate, the recipient's device automatically verifies its integrity to confirm the absence of tampering since its signing.

Compliance with Standards

The DigiCert Document Signing Certificate aligns with the criteria set by the U.S. Federal ESIGN Act and other pertinent international legislations.

DigiCert Document Signing Certificates offer superior security compared to simple e-signatures. E- signatures, being online signatures, lack authenticity verification and fail to detect document tampering. In contrast, document signing certificates create digital signatures, allowing recipients to authenticate senders and detect tampering. With DigiCert Document Signing Certificate, your digital signature is safeguarded by two-factor authentication, making it an indisputably secure method for signing and sending documents.

Trust the DigiCert Document Signing Certificate, compatible with Adobe and other leading programs. For seamless signing, a certificate must be on Adobe Approved Trust List. Non-approved certificates lead to errors, disrupting deals. Ensure smooth transactions with an Adobe Approved Trust List certificate!

Enhanced Security : DigiCert Document Signing goes beyond typical e-signatures with two-factor authentication—password and encrypted USB token—for added security.

Legally Valid : Our certificates ensure compliance with major laws like the U.S. Federal ESIGN Act and EU's eIDAS, making your documents legally binding.

Global Trust :Trusted by industry giants like IBM, HP, Facebook, Sony, and Microsoft, we safeguard your documents with expertise.

Timeless Audit Trail : DigiCert Document Signing Certificates provide timestamped digital signatures with an eternal audit trail. Any changes in the document trigger notifications to recipients.

For two decades, DigiCert has been a trusted global provider of digital trust. Securing billions of transactions for top companies daily, it offers award-winning solutions that empower individuals, businesses, governments, and consortia to navigate the digital world with utmost confidence.

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