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PDFAutoSigner Pro helps you digitally sign all the types of business as well as personal document. However, documents needs to be a PDF file.

You can install and configure this software in less than 15 minuets, provided you have all the necessary access and controls.

No. The software cost is for lifetime, however, we offer future updates, bug fixes, tech support to customers who has availed AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges) along with the software purchase.

Yes. You need to assign the co-ordinates of location where you want the respective signature.

Our software is robust and can digitally sign hundreds of documents in minutes. We do not have any limitation on number of pages that can be signed.753377

Generally our software works on the machine where you have installed it on. For multiple machines you need to buy separate licenses.

This software can be installed on any Windows machine having RAM capacity of 4 GB or more.

Our software has a feature to email the signed documents to any number of users.

Our software supports tokens from all the leading brands across the globe. 

Token should be attached to the system while you want to sign PDF documents using our software.  

No, our software does not store any types of documents.

Yes. Our software can be integrated with ERP or SAP systems to fully automate your digital document signing process. You can talk to our sales/support team for more information.

AMC is annual maintenance charges. It provides complete technical support and all the future software upgrade/fixes. 

There are multiple ways you can approach us. You can visit our website and talk to us through chat facility alternatively you can raise a ticker by visiting this link.

Yes, our software allows you to create multiple profiles. You can configure various signatories in respective profiles to achieve this.

Yes, our software will sign your unsiged PDF files, however, it will display a red cross mark due to expired digital signature certificate.

It means Long Term Validation (LTV) signatures. Documents signed using this feature will remain valid even after the digital signature certificate has expired/revoked.