Why Bulk Signing Software can revolutionize the healthcare industry

Bulk Signing Software

Slow and steady wins the race. But let us be real, this phrase works in children’s books, real life is quite contrasting. In this fast-paced world, industries cannot afford to slow down, no matter what. If they did, we would witness them collapse within seconds.

One of such fast-paced and crucial industries is Healthcare and Pharma. If these life saviors slowed down, it would be a total disaster. Operational inefficiencies such as

1. Slow paperwork (Billing, registration, submissions)

2. Waiting for the intended people to sign

3. Slow delivery of signed bills, prescriptions, hospital admission paperwork

 are slowing healthcare down tremendously. It’s time we considered a smarter solution ie a bulk signing software.

The absence of robust bulk signing software is chipping the health industry at the bottom line. So, in this article, we will learn how to bulk signing software can run health and pharma industries at an alarming speed.

What is bulk signing software?

Bulk signing software refers to the automatic bulk signing of PDFs within seconds. This solution is a desktop application and works with HSM, PFX, and Crypto tokens. The software uses digital signatures to sign, and these signatures are verified by a trusted third party.

Bulk signing software is widely used by banks and businesses to generate invoices, bills, forms, etc and mail them across. Password-protected pdf, time-location stamping, and going green are a few additional features of Pdf signing software that tend to increase its popularity even more.

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How can bulk signing software benefit the medical and pharmaceutical industry?

Hospitals and pharmacies have lakhs of documents flowing in and out. Not to forget, all slow. For years, patients have been standing in long queues waiting for hospital admission forms, bills, prescriptions, etc.

A safe Bulk signing software is the solution to this fiasco. Bulk signing software signs 1000+ confidential documents within seconds. This implies no more waiting in queues.

Further, as we go down the article, we will face many more aspects where bulk signing is revolutionizing the health sector.


The pandemic has given rise to e-appointments. Patients need not go to the physical clinic anymore but rather attend appointments from their beds. Now this calls for an e-prescription. Doctors can rapidly sign medical prescriptions using signing software and mail them to the intended patient. The best part? The bulk signing solution makes security a priority by converting them into password-protected pdfs.

Don’t worry, nobody on the internet will know why you’re sick.

This tech framework allows physicians to send prescriptions to patients and pharmacies alike. When a pharmacy receives a request, it can deliver the medication right away.

Vaccination Drives

As we move towards vaccinating the globe, it requires signing crores of vaccine cards. Until now, hospitals have been resorting to signing manually which slows down the process. By adopting a bulk signing software all such documents, cards, and reports could be signed and mailed within seconds to everyone.

Faster patient admissions and discharge

The health sector is in constant need to process urgent paperwork. Patients must be admitted to hospitals quickly. One cannot afford any delay in such tasks. Right from the doctor’s and patient’s signature to the hospital stamp, admission, and discharge papers everything must be swift and rapid. Slow signing is a huge setback for hospitals. With a bulk signing solution, numerous documents can be sent, processed, and stored easily.

Sending invoices for medical equipment

Bulk signing for healthcare ensures sending and receiving signed invoices is convenient. Purchasing, receiving, and distribution through bulk signing helps to sign documents at an alarming speed. Invoices for medical equipment need to be sent to many vendors. It’s time the health industry resorts to one-click sign solutions to move the healthy world bandwagon quickly.

Signing on the go

We have seen patient’s families running marathons to get their documents signed. Well, no more. Important signatures can be accessed from anywhere in the hospital making routine signing easy. With the help of a pdf signing software, you can get your required signatures without any printed ink.

No more running down the hospital, sign digitally without printing.

Maintaining medical history for years

Hospitals have been maintaining records of patients for many decades. These records are maintained in paper and ink. It is quite established that if you look for an individual’s medical history, you would be taken to a dark room with spiders on paper stacks. There are many more such disadvantages of Manual Medical Records.

With solutions like PDF Auto Signer Pro, you can store and maintain these documents for years. In fact, you can also trace the date and time of the signed report. You can also see if the signature is valid in the current world today. People misuse physical prescriptions at times, as the signatures get invalid after a certain time, prescription misuse would come to a halt.

Bulk mailing each medical entity involved.

Medical practitioners keep everyone in the loop. Once the document is signed it can be mailed to as many other professionals as you want. There is no cap on the number of emails to be sent. All mails are password protected and follow the medical privacy norms.

Why is digital signing better than e-signing in the health sector?

A certificate authority (CA) verifies the medical practitioner’s legal identity. Without which, the signatures are never valid. Since e-prescription solutions require you to avoid meeting your physician in person, the presence of a certified body helps to make the process secure.

This certifying body is absent in e-signatures thus making them vulnerable. Apart from this, tracing time, date, and location of signing allow you to verify the digital signature even more.

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E-prescriptions Vs Bulk Signing Software

Though E-prescriptions seem to be skyrocketing these days, they cannot be used for multiple purposes. Their use is narrowed down to one single motive i.e. Signing prescriptions. However, bulk signing software like PDF Auto Signer Pro cater to a broader perspective. Apart from Signing and mailing prescriptions, the software generates bulk invoices to order medicines and medical equipment. Signing at a lightning speed and its verification is the cherry on the top.

Additional features of the bulk signing software


Every time you move aside to let an ambulance go past the busy street; you recall how important time is for the healthcare industry. For such a rapid-paced industry, saving time is the real deal. One just cannot afford to in hours signing documents when lives are at stake. So having bulk signing software is the correct way to tackle this issue. Sign at a lightning speed and get to saving lives.

Go green and automate.

There is no need to explain why going green is important. Every industry needs to adopt ways to go green as much as possible. On the other side of the coin, automation is booming in every industry. Companies adopting green-automation solutions are benefiting tremendously.


Health and Pharma industries today need to process their paperwork in the most time-saving and greener way. A bulk signing solution is the perfect solution to get them to their full potential. Adopting the correct choices, tailored to our needs helps make the world a better and efficient place.