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On average, an employee of a company spends 50% of their time searching for a document. 7.5 percent of all documents get lost and 3 percent of the remainder get misfiled. Companies do spend $20 in labor for filing a document, $120 in labor for finding a misfiled document, and $220 for regenerating the lost […]

Your organization is producing multiple documents for business purpose which requires multiple signatories to sign. Then there could be rare chances that you are not using digital signature token to sign these documents. Digital Signature Certificate is widely accepted by companies, professionals and is legally valid in the court of laws. Every organization wants to […]

Every business (whether small or big) produces tonnes of documents like sales invoices, business contracts, purchase notes, credit notes etc. These documents do require signature of respective signatory. This guide is designed to give you complete information about how document signing software can ease the process of document signing. Every signatory, on average, signs 5-10 […]

Guess how many PDF Documents people sign physically each day. Any Idea? Well, on an average a signatory signs minimum of 10 documents (tender, invoices, form-16) in a day. That translates to approximately 300 documents in a month. And that’s only counting of a just one signatory. What if we count it for the organization […]