10 Reasons to get Digital signature software right now!

Digital signature software

Do you like being surrounded by a huge pile of papers that require you to sign them manually?

Or are you a fan of a slow-paced work environment?

If the answer to these questions is, yes. We recommend not reading this article further.

However, if you wish to boost your routine document signing at the speed of light, you have come to the right place!

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of digital signature software and run-down facts about why your company needs it right now!

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Why Choose Digital Signature as your signing option?

Your handwritten signatures can be forged, easily. To avoid this companies and people around the globe use digital signatures. It uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). This is the highest level of security a signature could have.

With digital signatures on your important documents, you can trace back the exact date, time, and location your documents were signed. Better than handwritten signatures, right? Hold on, there is more.

The core features of digital signatures include verifying the identity of the signer along with data integrity. Meaning, you will be notified if any wrongdoing happens with your digital signature.

Profitable efficiency and the utmost security are the mantras for every organization. With the best document signing software in hand, you can auto-email your signed documents. Not only this, but you can also password-protect them to secure your transactions.

This enhanced document protection improves efficiency and productivity and allows your company to gain trust within your clientele. These encrypted digital signatures follow a security-focused approach. Apply for tenders, e-filing of income tax returns, business contracts signing tax forms, etc. all in a jiffy! This is what document signing software does, in a nutshell.

There is always a debate for digital signatures vs electronic signatures. If you have the same query, we have your back. Read our blog to know more.

Changing your work systems with the latest technology is crucial. So today, let us discuss the benefits of digital signature software and why you need it immediately.

Top 10 Benefits of Digital signature software

  • No physical paperwork
  • Multiple signing profiles
  • Save time and money.
  • Point accuracy.
  • Utmost security
  • Bulk signing
  • Unlimited emailing to multiple recipients
  • LTV and external time stamping features
  • Legally valid
  • Increase productivity.

Wish to dive deeper into the world of digital signatures? We have the perfect guide to document signing software for you!

Let us discuss the top 10 benefits of digital signature software.

A Digital signature software = No physical paperwork

In this fast-paced world, going paperless is the way forward. An average office consumes 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. Out of which, 45% of paper ends up in the trash. Also, your office’s paper consumption will increase by 22% each year. Can you imagine the number of cabinets you will need to store them?

The only way to stop this chaos is to go paperless. With document signing software, all your important documents will be stored and indexed efficiently. Eliminating paperwork will allow you to sign and store your documents on the go. In fact, there is no need to wait for a signatory or department to fetch you the signed copies. Let us see how!

Multiple signing profiles

One software. Multiple signatories.

We know paperwork gets processed at a snail speed. Previously, one had to wait for weeks to get an important contract signed. A digital signature software speeds up this process.

You do not have to depend on various departments and people to get your documents signed. Simply select the signing profile of the authorized signatory and start signing. With multiple signing profiles, you can get your documents signed while sitting on a beach in the Bahamas as well!

Watch the video to know more about document signing software and its functionality!

Master saving time and money with digital signature software

One of the foremost benefits of document signing software is saving time and money. They do not require printing a document. It saves the organization tons of time and money.

Apart from saving costs, we would like to point out how quick execution or fast processing of signed documents helps you.

Faster execution leads to faster payments. Simple logic, right? A digital signature software can increase your company’s sales cycle speed. The execution is quicker than usual due to multiple signatories all available in one single software.

Point accuracy!


Nobody wishes to see these words. Due to manual intervention, many contracts and agreements are subsequently delayed or canceled. This leads to loss of business, doesn’t it? And let us not forget the frustration you dealt with while getting them signed.

Have a document signing software at your disposal to never deal with those daunting words again. The software signs accurately. You can specify the location where you wish to sign, even the size. You must neither keep turning pages manually, just set the location and size, done.

If you are asked to re-do, you can do it within seconds. Your document will not travel the entire organization to get signed, all over again.

Just click, sign, done; accurately.

Digital signature software and security mantra

Every company has a security mantra when it comes to securing its data. document signing software offers similar mantras to keep your files safe and sound. With the use of PKI, digital signatures are rendered to be a secure solution.

Digital signature software takes this a step further. They password-protect your signed documents for utmost security. Protecting documents with passwords is equivalent to safeguarding your important files in a vault for years together. Not only this, one can set custom passwords for each document by enabling security permissions.

Unlimited bulk signing, at the speed of light

Manage documents, sign them. They get messed, manage, and sign them again.

Hilariously, companies still follow this age-old system. Well, in a fast-paced world where time is money, it is crucial to upgrade technology.

document signing software offers to manage and sign documents at a lightning speed. Yes, we mean it. Imagine hundreds of documents being signed in a few seconds. Hard to visualize right? The impossible is now possible.

Unlimited emailing to multiple recipients

You signed all your pdf files. Probably hundreds of them. How do you plan to email them to 100 individuals? Doing it manually is not an efficient solution. With digital signature software, you can auto-email all your bulk files to unlimited recipients.

There is no cap on the number of email IDs. As explained in the previous point, these are password-protected files that will be automatically emailed. Use your company’s full potential by automating your tasks.

LTV features and external time stamping

Let us first understand how Digital signature software, NOT using an LTV (Long Term Validation) works.

When the signature used to sign a particular document expires, the signature on the document expires too. Hence, making the document as invalid.

Now, when you use the LTV feature for your signatures, your document will not expire even if your signature expires. It will continue to remain valid.

The date and time stamp of your local computer can be easily manipulated. The same date-time stamp will appear on the documents you sign. Not trustworthy, correct? To get accurate and trustworthy time stamps, an external time-stamping server is used. Use RFC 3161 compliant time stamps for accuracy.

Legally valid

After knowing how digital signatures make your life easier, there is one more added advantage. Digital signatures are legal. According to the IT Act 2000, digital signatures issued by a licensed CA, are legally valid in the court of law. The court of law considers digital signatures to be reliable and legal due to their secured hash functions and cryptosystems.

Increase productivity, like a pro!

If you are here, we know you are determined to save your time, money, and efforts. The document signing software always works in your favor. They turn your organization into a productivity machine. With no obstruction, errors, and point accuracy who can stop your organization from walking the road to success? Also, when you save time automating tasks you overcome your ‘work lethargy’. Let technology fast-track your routine work.


We cannot emphasize enough the importance of digital signature software. Our mission is to secure every company with utmost security. When you make security a priority, having loose ends is just not acceptable.

Authentic documents which are verified help you be mentally free. Do not take your security and productivity lightly. We hope this article helped you to understand the benefits of document signing software. Thank you!