Infographic – Your guide to document signing software

guide to document signing software

Every business (whether small or big) produces tonnes of documents like sales invoices, business contracts, purchase notes, credit notes etc. These documents do require signature of respective signatory. This guide is designed to give you complete information about how document signing software can ease the process of document signing.

Every signatory, on average, signs 5-10 documents per day.

That mounts to roughly 300 signs per month.

What is more? these documents need to be printed and managed separately which calls for different efforts as well as cost. Some stats says that 20% of the staff time gets consumed in searching for the physical documents.

Mounting costs to manage documents call for some sort of automation that can reduce all the efforts to sign document, not only that, it should also make locating documents as easy as possible when needed.

If you have been experiencing the mounting pressure of signing of document, then read on for available solution.

Before you jump on the more details of this article, I have gift for you which could be your handy guide. Yes, I will offer you an infographic at the end of this article. 

What is document signing software

Traditionally document signing has been a tedious task for signatories within a department or sometimes spread across various department. This effort sometimes takes multiple hours or days.

To address these challenges, we have come up with document signer software. It completely removes your effort of printing the documents and asking respective signatories to sign it manually. This software requires a digital signature token of the respective signatories to be configured.

Document signing software are the app that automates the manual signing efforts.

These software are generally a computer application that gets installed on individual computer or server. It automates the document signing function automatically.

How document signing software works

If you have understood about document signing software from above step, then let’s get deeper into how it actually works.

As document signing software is designed to reduce all your manual efforts to sign document, it also needs to be configured before this software can be actually used. Here I will be focusing on how this software works rather than how it can be configured.

If you are a starter at this software then how to configure document signing software is your guide.

General steps:

  • Digital signature profile configuration

  • Input file repository configuration

  • On-page signing location configuration

  • File output repository configuration

In case you want to drill deeper then here is a step by step guide to sign PDF documents digitally. This is a detailed guide that explains how  this software actually works to ease your document signing efforts.

Meanwhile, I have a quick video tutorial that is a really easy and short guide that explains what it actually does.

Now that you have probably understood how this software actually works, then this the best time that I can walk you through the benefits of the software.

Benefits of document signing software

Softwares are generally designed to ease some type of manual effort that take time to execute. It provides some functionalities that is most sought-after for user convenience.

For that matter, this software also provide you benefits that are designed to ease out manual efforts. Below are benefits of the same,

  • It eliminates the need for physical paper.

  • Signed documents are legally valid and accepted across every business.

  • No dependency on various signatories or departments for signing.

  • Document location get easy for future reference.

  • Reduces staff time and effort to manage the physical documents.

  • Eliminates any mistakes while manual signing.

There are many other benefits of document signing software but I have tried to give you the most relevant benefits.

If you have been using any document signing software then here is your chance to get a PDF signer software trial. This is the industry leading software that is fully automatic for your document signing need.

As per my promise, below is your infographic. Keep it handy when you need to understand document signing software in a minute.

Don’t forget to share your comments on which document signing software you have been using and what is that feature that you liked most in the software.