An Overview of how to digitally sign PDF documents.

digitally sign PDF

Document signing in any business can be tedious. If you are in an organization, you would know the amount of time, paper, ink, and efforts spent on getting your documents signed.

However, wouldn’t it be great if this document signing process became as easy as a simple click?

Introducing Pdf Auto Signer Pro, the world’s best digital signing software for all your signing needs. A software that digitally signs PDF within a few simple clicks.

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In fact, PDF Auto Signer Pro allows you to bulk sign thousands of pdfs in 2 Simple steps. Yes, just two.

  1. Place your Bulk unsigned PDF documents in the ‘input’ folder.
  2. All your signed documents will be ready in the ‘Output’ folder.

That’s it!

PDF Auto Signer Pro simplifies bulk signing so you can take a break. But to get this experience, you must set up your software.

Below is a step-by-step guide that will help you create a hassle-free bulk signing experience.

Here are the topics covered in this blog. Feel free to jump to the section of your choice.

Table of contents

  1. Quick Activation of your Signing License 
  2. Effortlessly Creating a Signing Profile
  3. How To Bulk Sign, FAST

Quick Signing Profile Activation

The license for PDF Auto Signer Pro can be activated in both offline & online modes. In this blog, we will guide you through the basic steps to activate your signing license.

A) Offline Mode

  1. After the complete installation, open Pdf Auto Signer Pro on your device. Select the ‘Offline’ mode in the ‘License’ tab. Click on continue.


  • Download the ‘License request file’ on your device. Once downloaded, visit the website by clicking on ‘cp.pdf’ in step 2.


  • Login using the same credentials used for registering into Upload the downloaded ‘License request file’ by clicking on ‘activate’.


  • Click on ‘Upload file’ and browse the path for ‘License request file’.


  • Now, Download the activated license by clicking on ‘Download file’.


  • Click ‘Browse’ in Step 3 and select the path of the activated download license. Lastly, select ‘Activate’.


Congratulations, your Free Trial license is now activated for the next 5 days!

B) Online Mode

  1. After the complete installation, open Pdf Auto Signer Pro on your device. Select the ‘Online’ option in the ‘License’ tab. Click on continue.


  • Enter the license key received over email. Click next to continue.


  •  Login using the same credentials used for registering into Lastly, select ‘Submit’ to continue.

Login Online License Activation

Congratulations, you successfully activated your 5-day Free Trial license!

NOTE: Check for ‘Expiry date’ and the trial status (True/False) to verify your digital signature’s successful activation.

Effortlessly Creating a Signing Profile

Before you get your pdfs bulk signed you must create a signing profile. This is to keep your signature separate from other additional profiles. Moreover, multiple signing profiles allow multiple users to bulk sign at their convenience.

So, go to ‘Signing Profiles’ and then click the ‘General’ Tab

This is what it would look like.


Don’t get alarmed by all the jargon before you. It’s easy to understand. Below are simple term explanations that you must know.

sign PDF digitally

A) General:

1) Profile Name: It’s your name. That’s it. Since this is a ‘Test’, We’ve set our Profile name as ‘TEST. You can configure it to your liking.

2) Status: The ‘Status’ has 3 mode options in its dropdown box namely ‘Manual’, ‘Background Automated’, ‘Disabled’.

Status Selection

Here’s what all 3 of them mean

  • Manual Mode: This means, you wish to manually perform bulk signing. 
  • Background Automated: With this mode, you can enjoy your tea snacks while Pdf Auto Signer Pro bulk signs pdfs for you automatically in the background.
  • Disabled: No signing takes place. Everything is at a halt.

Select your preferred mode and let’s get to the next set of terms.

3) Token:  This is the name of the token brand or the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) you will be bulk signing your pdfs with. We’ve set it to ‘ePass2003’, but you can change it as per your preference.

How to change the HSM/Token?

  • Click on ‘Change’
  • Select the dropdown menu bar titled ‘HSM/Token’
  • Choose your preferred HSM/Token and save it.

4) PKCS11 Library: It is the ‘dll’ file of the USB token you’re using. This will perform the bulk signing for you.

5) Certificate Label: That’s the registered certificate name of your digital signature.

6) Certificate ID: A long string of characters is just your digital signature certificate’s ID.

You did great! Now you’re all set to move to the next step.

The next step is to configure how your digital signature’s location and placing on your signed pages.

B) Signature Appearance

To do this, head onto the ‘Signature Appearance’ tab. You will be presented with another set of options and settings. Here’s what they mean and what to do with them.

Signature Apprearance Confrigiuration

The options before you are…

  1. Signature Box Type: This is a drop-down menu. You can choose your preferred digital signing option.
Signature Box Type Settings
  • Text: Using this option, your digital signature will display your credentials along with a green tick mark indicating that your signature is valid.


Text Signature Sample
  • Image Only: Here’s how you create a digital signature from an image. You can use the scanned image of your handwritten signature to sign with this option. Select your signature through the ‘Browse’ tab.


Image Only Signature Sample
  • Text and Image: This is a combination of your digital signature text and any image that you wish to include. This could be your company’s logo or any other image.


Text & Image Signature Sample
  • Invisible: Use this option when there is a need to sign the signature but there’s no place. In such cases, you will see a prompt which states that your digital signature is verified.


Invisible Signature Type

2) Configure the positioning of your signature through the ‘Signature Appearance’ tab.

sign PDF digitally

How to set the co-ordinates for signing

Signature Apprearance

You can set the signing location by either selecting the ‘Bottom Right’ OR ‘Bottom Left’ alignment. However, if you wish to sign at another location you will need to set the respective coordinates.

Select Signature Location

How to set the Absolute Location:

Absolute Location Confriguration
  1. Select the ‘Absolute Location’ option.
  2. Set the desired ‘Absolute Location’ coordinates.

How to set the Absolute Location Co-ordinates

  1. The ‘BLx’ and ‘URx’ are the X-axis coordinates to move your signature from the left to the right.
  2. The ‘BLy’, ‘URy’ are the Y-axis coordinates to move your signature from the top to the bottom.

Change the values of both the axes to digitally sign at your desired location. Feel free to contact our experts to help you set up your digital signature’s signing location.

Now, you’ve to decide which documents need to be digitally signed. All of them? only the pdf files or only the even number pages? Pdf Auto Signer Pro makes digital signing faster, smoother, and easier. So, let’s set up your documents to be signed.

C) Documents

How to set up the documents to sign

  1. Go to the ‘Documents’ tab in Signing Profiles.
  2. Select your preferred choice from the ‘Documents to sign’ drop-down menu.
All Document Selection

By selecting ‘All’ the software will bulk sign every document in your ‘Input’ folder.

Document Pattern

By choosing the ‘Matching Following Pattern’ option you can set the extensions for bulk signing.

Select Pages to Sign

From the dropdown menu in ‘Select Pages to Sign,’ you can choose the exact pages you wish to digitally sign. By selecting ‘Range’ or ‘Custom’ options you can manually choose the pages.

Following is the Range Menu. Select the ‘Start Range’ and ‘End Range’ as per your preference. Example: 1-10, 45-48, 55-56.

Page Range Selection

The image below shows how you can choose custom pages to digitally sign PDF. Set your page numbers and get your files… bulk signed.

Document Selection to digitally sign PDF

D) LTV & Timestamping

Before you set up this configuration you must understand what LTV is and why this feature is a big-time benefit for you.

sign PDF digitally

What are LTV and Timestamping features?

LTV or Long-Term Validation is the record time and location of digitally signing the document. Your digital signature must be digitally timestamped to validate your certificate. Also, by enabling an external timestamp. The LTV and Timestamping feature help you get accurate and trustworthy time stamps on your documents.

LTV & TimeStamping Feature

 E) Folder Configuration

For a hassle-free digital signing process, you must create 4 folders. ‘Input’, ‘Output’, ‘Failed’, ‘Logs’. These folders will systematically arrange your signed and unsigned documents. Moreover, they make background automated signing easier.

To do so, go to ‘Folders’ in the ‘Signing Profiles’ tab and ‘Browse’ the location of your respective folders.

Folder Selection to digitally sign PDF

F) Email Settings

You can email your digitally signed files with ease. Fill in countless recipients and send your signed documents within a few clicks.

Email Confriguration

G) Security (Setting Passwords)

Passwords protect your digitally signed documents for utmost security. Password protection is a necessary feature as you can secure your important documents easily.

H) Advance Security

The advanced security features allow you to set a unique password for every document. Apart from this, you can also email those documents to unique individuals.

To do so, you must fill in the details of every document that needs to be configured. Once the excel file is completed with the necessary info, you’re all set to sign, protect, and mail them.

Advanced Settings

How to Digitally Sign PDF?

  • Now, to Sign manually, select your desired signature profile and click on ‘Start’. The documents will start signing. The dial represents the remarkable signing speed.
  • To sign automatically, change your signing status to ‘Background Automated’ through the drop-down available in the ‘Signing Profiles’ Tab.

digitally sign PDF

sign PDF digitally

Here is an example of signed documents in the trial and paid version.

The digitally sign PDF Paid Version

The digitally sign PDF Trial Version

The digitally sign PDF Trial Version

The digitally sign PDF Trial Version

You can refer to our handy guide to understand document signing software. It houses an infographic along with the benefit of document signing software.

Need more help to digitally sign PDF?

We extend our 5-star on-demand support. A web chat or Webex session can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time with just one click to contact.

Have a great experience using the world’s best digital signing software!

Taking advantage of the digital signing of PDF documents can help you improve your staff’s productivity by over 30%, according to AIIM’s market survey.